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Welcome to VILROS Cocker Spaniels:

Please contact me for any planned litters!

                                                                            (This will get quickest reply!) 

                                                                                                               Tel. 01935 477956

                                                                                  Mobile 0785 7988 310  (mobile phone is not used very often and will get slowest replies!)



 *** Next Litter Planned for March 2018 ***

Puppy News!

       20th January 2017 - Sorry for lack of updates! Web-site has been down for maintenance by

   1st March 2017  - More problems with editing the web-site today..................hopefully it will be working when I need  it, mainly when the  girls are in labour. There will be updates on the Facebook Group as well! (VILROS and ROSHYMA Cocker Spaniels)

      10th March 2018 - We have 2 litters on the way, both due around Easter week-end. Both Tammy and Reba have been scanned and confirmed pregnant - Details and progress, can be followed  by clicking  HERE!!

       21st February 2018 - Tammy has been scanned and confirmed pregnant, so all being well, pups will be due around 30th March 2018

      27th January 2018 -  Tammy has now been mated to Phoenix, so if all goes well, pups will due around 30th March. Her last litter, she had blues and orange, but she should also carry chocolate and so a good chance of chocolate too!

    19th January 2018 - Tammy has finally come in season and will be mated in a couple of weeks. Details of progress and stud will follow as soon as she has been mated! If web-site is not working at any stage, which often happens, I will be posting on the FB group (VILROS and ROSHYMA Cocker Spaniels)

    18th October 2017 - Saffie has been scanned and confirmed pregnant. Progress and updates can be followed    HERE!

     2nd September 2017 - Saffie has FINALLY come in season, 3 months later than expected. She will be mated within the next 2 weeks to Phoenix. A page will be created to follow her progress and updates! 

     21st May 2017 - Pepsi has been scanned and confirmed pregnant - Progress and updates (when web-site is working properly!) can be followed using this 

link  HERE! This litter are all now SOLD!!

      9th February 2017 - Nula has now been scanned and confirmed pregnant Nula's Progress PAGE! 

     3rd February 2017 - Revel has been scanned again and some nice clear pictures to confirm pregnancy Revels's Progress PAGE!         

    Reba and Tammy's 2016 litters can be seen HERE!!  ALL Now Sold!!!


Dog Walks!!

 Earlier this year (2015) somebody suggested meeting up for dog walks and  there was a lot of response! It has been really successful and enjoyed by all the dogs and owners. People have travelled from as far as Berkshire, Poole, Devon, Warminster, Bristol, Shropshire, Essex as well as local. It's a nice way to see how the pups have grown and to meet other family members and relations. We hope to continue and to meet lots of others who would like to join us. I will add a page (Click HERE! ) for photo's and next dates and places where meets will be..............suggestions welcome!  There are a lot of pictures on the Facebook group "VILROS and ROSHYMA Cocker Spaniels"

 NEXT Walk  -   Our next walk is planned for Sunday 16th July 2017 - Details can be found on Dog Walks Page!         Look forward to seeing you all there!   

Mobile no. 0785 7988 310






Final dates, now at Ham Hill  - TA14 6RW 18th and 20th November 11.30am 
Fingers crossed for good weather :) 

Older dogs available!

   We sometimes have older dogs available!



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Maizie R.I.P - My gentle, loving friend - 18th May 1999 - 20th June 2014

20th June 2014 - Today, with great sadness we said good-bye to our loving, gentle, faithful, friend of  15yrs and 1 month old, almost the same age as her Mum Poppy was, by just 3 months.
Our wonderful girl Maizie will be sadly missed.

STUD Dogs!!!!

Available for stud to approved eye tested ladies only! - FEE £450 - fee includes a free scan if wanted, 32 days after first mating!

  FERGUS - PRA, FN and glaucoma CLEAR - Siring blue roan, orange roan, b/w ticked, gold, black!

***** Ist Litter born today!!! 5th August 2011 - 6 Blue Roans *****

*****2nd Litter has now arrived - and happy to say he has now sired orange roan and possibly B/W *****




Tel. 01935 477956

Mobile 0785 7988 310


Member of The Cocker Spaniel Club, West of England Club and London Cocker Club!

Was a Founder Member of the KC Accredited Breeder Scheme- Joined in November 2004, opted out of scheme in July 2010!


Welcome to the VILROS Cocker Spaniel web-site.

We are a family of 4 living in The South West of England and we share our home with our lovely 4 legged friends and a variety of birds, including George, our African Grey Parrot, who is very intelligent and very much part of the family..

I started breeding in 1996 with with my first cocker spaniel Poppy, who was with us until September 2010 at the ripe age of 15 years and 4 months old. She had some lovely babies of all colours that we found hard to resist. We kept one from a couple of her litters, then from their litters and so on.......hence having so many now! We then bought in our own stud dog because, not being able to drive made it a little difficult to get to a stud when needed. With my husband at work and having to work round this and the convieniance of the stud owner, just made sense to have our own boy! We found owning our stud worked very well, but after keeping some of his pups, it then made it difficult again as we could no longer use him, so a 2nd totally unrelated dog was bought in, which has worked really well..........but also another bonus, I hadn't realised how much the boys are always very affectionate and lovable and hard to resist.

Dogs have come and gone over the years, with most being re-homed for retirement, but Poppy remained with us for all of her 15 yrs and 4mnths, Maizie, her daughter was also with us for her 15yrs and 1 month. We also had Gertie, who is Maizie's daughter (now retired and in a new home) Fizz, who is Gertie's daughter (also retired and in a new home), Bessie, who is Fizz's daughter ( now retired and in a new home) and now Phoenix, who is Bessie's son and will hopefully be our new stud dog when he is old enough. So at one time, we did have five generations with us! Phoenix also has Poppy, my original VILROS girl, 5 generations back in his pedigree, so makes him even more extra special!

Our new boy Mason, who is son of Phoenix, has Poppy 6 generations back in his pedigree, so hopefully between Phoenix and Mason, we will be bringing back in some of our original line and adding chocolate to our colours!

I hope you enjoy the web-site .........please get in touch if you have any questions! 


  We have on average 3 or 4 litters a year, so sometimes have pups available. We breed for health and temperament and as close to show standard as much as we possibly can.

Pups are sold to pet homes only! and come with KC registrations endorsed for breeding and export (so no Breeders please) - 4 weeks PetPlan and 4 weeks KC insurances - worming/feeding/socialisation/weight chart, a small piece of smelly blanket/toy, either a supply of food, or vouchers for the food which they have been fed on, photo-video CD (only available if enough pictures and videos have been taken) and a CONTRACT of sale (2 copies, signed by breeder and new owners)! Pups are checked by my vet (with a signed, dated letter) checked as close to leaving as possible (around 7 weeks old) They leave for new homes at 8 weeks old.  Pups are now also micro-chipped, but NOT inoculated!

On - going advice for as long as needed.




Are you a member of FACEBOOK? Then why not join The Group "VILROS/ROSHYMA Cocker Spaniels" and share all all your pictures and stories with other members click here for more details!

Must have a VILROS  or ROSHYMA Puppy, or used one of the boys for Stud, to join!



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Poppy's Page!

R.I.P - My special devoted friend - 20th May 1995 - 24th September 2010
24th September 2010 - Today, with great sadness we said good-bye to a devoted friend of almost 15-1/2 years.
My darling Poppy, we will miss you so much, but could not let you suffer.

Popular Lady At VILROS

Poppy (B/W) was my first cocker.

She has had some lovely puppies of all colours.

She is Mum to Maizie, Grandmother to Gertie , Gt-Grandmother to Fizz and Gt-Gt-Grandmother to Bessie and Taylor.

Out of Opal Special, Sired by VANITONIA Blue Monday.

CINTILLIA Midnight Gambler at PENTAVY
VANITONIA Trivial Pursuit
Master Red Emblem
Sunshine Country Boy
Miss Dark Charm
Opal Special
Sh.Ch. ZAMS Silver Dollar
Rainbow Solo Special
Rainbow Princess